Q. I don’t have a password to enter to download the book. How do I get one?
A. You can get a password by purchasing a membership.

Q. I lost my Members’ section password, how do I find out what it is?
A. Click this link. Forgot your username or password?

Q. Can people with no experience get jobs?
A. Yes. All deckhands, captains and fishery workers started out as a greenhorns. If you are a hard worker, want to make a lot of money and follow the system and suggestions outlined in our book, you will have a good chance of getting hired!

Q. Do college students on summer break have enough time to get a fishing job in Alaska?
A. Yes. The summer fishing season is a great time for students to work on their time off. Many students earn their way through college by working in Alaska.

Q. How much money can a person make?
A. This really depends on the type of job you get, the type of fish being caught, market factors, and how many fish are caught. But crewmembers making between $10,000 and $20,000 per month is fairly common. On the bigger and more successful boats, crewmen can see $30,000 per month. This book explains the variables to you so you can find the perfect job for you.

Q. Are commercial fishing jobs dangerous?
A. Whenever you’re working at sea and/or around heavy machinery, there are always risks. However, with strict U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations and an industry-wide, high-awareness of safety issues with captains and crew, the general movement is towards promoting safety at every step of the process.

Q. Is there a special software I need to view the online book?
A. The online version of our book is published in an online flip-page format and no special software is needed. So you can view, read and print each page if you wish. This guide is viewable on PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Q. If I purchase this book, can you guarantee that I will get a job?
A. No. But our guide written by and contributed to by real Alaskan commercial fishermen with decades of collective experience. Our guide will help you immensely in your job search. We do not claim to be a job placement agency. but we do claim to have the absolute best guide available on the subject of Alaska Fishing Jobs and seeking employment in the fisheries.

Q. Can international workers be hired for Alaska fishing jobs?
A. Opinions vary on this key point — whether or not international workers can get jobs. Some employers say ‘yes’ and others say ‘no’ — it really depends on the employer. But there are opportunities for international workers — with proper documentation. More info is covered in our guide and membership.

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