Alaskan Commercial Fishermen Sport Fish on Days Off!

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If you’re thinking about getting a job on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, you can certainly plan on lots of hard work! But from time to time, you will get a little time off. Usually on the pick, anchored up in a bay somewhere. And that’s usually a good excuse to try and catch dinner, with a line and a hook.

So, what’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught on a rod and reel? Well… try tripling, or quadrupling that! Some of the ‘barn door’ halibut in Alaska get up to 150 lbs. or more. And imagine catching it with a spool of tar-coated twine, a bolt for a weight, and a big old honkin’ hook with a chunk of salmon on it. (A bare-bones, but preferred method for commercial fisherman, having a little sport-fishing fun, during breaks.) Sure, commercial fishing is hard work — but from time to time you’ll get a chance to have some fun. Sport fishing is just one of the many activities that you can do in Alaska. Hope you get your chance!