How to Splice Line: A Great Skill for Alaskan Commercial Fishermen

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Want to be a commercial fisherman in Alaska? Then you should learn how to splice a line. Splicing is an important skill that all fishermen should know. And if you can learn how to splice from the following drawings, you’re a genius and should be a rocket scientist—not a fisherman. But these illustrations can point you in the right direction. When splicing, you should use a fid or a marling spike, both of which are tools to help make separating the braids of line a little easier. The tips of each braid are commonly taped with black electrical tape prior to splicing, which keeps each strand from fraying. Sometimes, using a cigarette lighter to burn the ends of each strand will melt the line, ensuring it won’t become frayed when working with it.

See the following directions on how to create a short splice for connecting two lines together.

If you are interested in creating a permanent loop in the line, try an eye splice.

The sad fact is that a very small percentage of crewmen actually learn how to splice. Those who master this craft are usually the ones who will be asked to come back on the best boats, year after year. So do yourself, and your fellow crew members and skipper a favor—learn how to splice.