Bush Pilots Go Wild!

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One of the most unique things about Alaska, is how people travel. The roads are few, the terrain is wild, and water is everywhere. Sure, you can travel by boat, but boat rides are slow and sometimes quite bumpy. So, what’s a fast, flexible solution for effective travel? A solution that can take you out to the middle of nowhere and back in an hour or two? Seaplane! And the guys that fly them are the bush pilots of Alaska.

Almost every fisherman in Alaska has a wild bush pilot or seaplane story, or two. Most likely it’ll be a nail-biter story, about a plane barely making it over the mountain pass or something like that. But most fisherman will also have a life-saver story about seaplanes and their bush pilots. About how a sick or hurt crewman was flown to the hospital, just in the nick of time. Or about the important boat part, flown from town to the boat, and fixing the problem. And there are many more.

— Hate ’em or love ’em, love ’em or hate ’em, seaplanes and their bush pilots are an important necessity for Alaskan commercial fishermen, and residents and tourists statewide.