founder, and “The Greenhorn’s Guide to Alaska Fishing Jobs” author, Mark Maricich, gets a 70 lb. king salmon ready for the barbecue in the Kodiak Island waters of Alaska.

So, you may ask, “What the heck’s a greenhorn?” Greenhorn’s Guide author and founder, Mark Maricich, answers this and many other questions about landing an Alaskan fisheries job in his comprehensive guide. Maricich has over 13 years of experience as an Alaskan commercial fisherman. And his family has fished the waters of the Last Frontier for over 70 years.

“The Greenhorn’s Guide to Alaska Fishing Jobs” is highly respected and recommended by members of the Alaskan fishing industry. No other Alaskan employment program or guide can compare with its insight, credibility, wealth of knowledge, and list of almost 17,000 job contacts. Since 1992, the Greenhorn’s Guide has helped thousands of job searchers in their quest for information about Alaska fishing jobs. And the guide is the only one of its type which has appeared, and been endorsed, by notable fishing industry publications such as National Fisherman and Pacific Fishing magazines. is the “e”-volution of The Greenhorn’s Guide, as a destination for job-searchers to obtain this valuable information in an easily accessible medium upon which to make their job-search decisions. This web site was launched in January 2002, and our goal is to continue improving, and adding features and functionality to it, to make Alaska fishing job information even more and more accessible to the people who could benefit from it. We hope that is helpful for you.

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