Alaska – The Last Frontier

Alaska is an amazing state, like no other place in the world. It’s a magnificent display of nature that is so immense and so powerful, that most people don’t comprehend its vast expanse unless they see it in person.

Since Alaska is such an enormous place and the fisheries are so complex, we have structured our “Greenhorn’s Guide to Alaska Fishing Jobs” so you may narrow your job search down to the area right for you. Our easy to read, step-by-step guide is created to so that you may find the right job in the right place, and so that you may make the most amount of money possible. Some of the areas of fishing covered in our book include:

  • Southeast Alaska
  • Prince William Sound
  • Cook Inlet
  • Kodiak Island and The Aleutian Islands
  • Bristol Bay and The Bering Sea

Our guide contains detailed information about nearly every fishing area in Alaska, as well as over 17,000 job contact listings and companies that hire. Alaska is an exciting place to explore, live, work and earn big money!

At, we have helped thousands of job seekers with their Alaska fishing job searches through our website, our Member’s Only Section expanded job board, and our book. We recommend all of these for those who are serious about getting a job in the lucrative Alaskan commercial fishing industry.


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