Alaska Fishing Jobs — Opportunities for All!

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If you are a healthy, able-bodied adult and have the endurance and desire to work hard for potential high rewards, there could be an Alaskan fishing job for you!

For Experienced & Inexperienced / Seasonal & Year Round

Alaska fishing job opportunities are of many different types, for experienced and inexperienced workers. There are seasonal opportunities, lasting a couple of months — perfect for students. And there are year round opportunities for persons who are looking to blast it out for a longer period, in a quest to achieve a particular financial goal. More info is covered in our guide.

For Men & Women

Although it’s still a very male-dominated occupation, the fishing industry is attracting more women every year. Many women pull their share of the workload very well, since a lot of jobs involve finesse and persistence, as opposed to sheer brute strength. There are opportunities for females in the fishing industry. But women, as well as men, must be prepared for the big challenges that are ahead. More info is covered in our guide.

For International Workers

Opinions vary on this key point — whether or not international workers can get jobs. Some employers say ‘yes’ and others say ‘no’ — it really depends on the employer. But there are opportunities for international workers — with proper documentation. More info is covered in our book and online guide, which includes step-by-step job hunting tips and a list of over 17,000 job contact listings.